Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear Sheppard…six months.

Dear Sheppard,

You are half a year old. Those six months went so fast and at times so slow. You grew and changed so much this month. You are still a happy boy, smiling is your favorite, and you give them away to anyone willing to look at you. All your growing made it hard for you to sleep. You have been getting up almost every hour, and sometimes taking more than an hour to fall back to sleep. This has been hard on me. I have tried everything to figure out how to get you to sleep more (so I could sleep more) but nothing seems to help. I hope whatever is keeping you up changes soon…its hard to enjoy things when I am a sleep deprived zombie mom. 


You are officially on the move, you are rolling all over the place. You can go across the whole room by rolling. You still, at times, roll onto your belly and can't back onto your back. That's when you let everyone know you are not happy (crying) about your situation. However, now that you roll more, when your sleeping you like to roll onto your belly and sometimes you sleep like a stink bug with your bum in the air.  You are always moving, kicking your legs, flaying your arms, its really hard to get in focus pictures of you lately because you move so much. 

We went on lots of little adventures this month. We went with your Papa and sister and explored the river on an un-seasonably warm day. Papa fished and we sat on the shore watching the birds and playing with grass. I took your diaper off and you just laid in the sun enjoying being outside and naked, haha! We also took a very quick day trip up to Tahoe to hang out with your cousins (and some extended cousins). All the little girls were enamored with you, and you were very pleased with all the doting and attention. You did get to "play" with your cousin Ansel a little. He loved giving you hugs and kisses and sharing his toys with you. I think you two will grow up to be best buds. We also took your longest car ride yet, to Ikea, to buy some things for the house. You did a great job, and only started fussing a little on the way home, but your Momo was good at keeping you entertained. 

You have been making some awesome faces lately, but your favorite is to stick your little tongue out. A lot of times you grab it with your fingers and look at me with this puzzled look like I put something in your mouth. You also have a great surprised look, playing peek-a-boo gets you every time. You open your eyes wide and then laugh so much. I can usually get some good laughs out of you by tickling your collar bone, or giving you kisses in your neck. It is very cute. Your sister can get the best laughs out of you. You love her so much, always watching her run around and wanting to be wherever she is. I hope your relationship stays sweet and loving, HA! A mom can dream! 

You started eating some foods this month. You have had a little baby oatmeal, but like your sister, do not like to be spoon fed and would rather do it yourself. We have given you some soft fruits and veggies and you have done pretty good at getting them all over your face, head, arms, feet, the floor, me, the cats, and your chair, but still working on really eating them. I know you will get the hang of it soon because you really love to eat! 

I am trying so hard to remember you the way you are in these fleeting moments. Your little elfish grin, your fuzzy head that smells like cinnamon and sugar toast, your bright blue eyes that light up when you look at me. Even the long nights where you are only happy being held in my arms. Your Nana says we will blink and you will be one, so I am trying to take in the good and the hard of these moments with you. 

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