Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dear Sheppard...Five Months.

 Dear Sheppard,

This month flew by. I feel like the past 5 months have gone so fast. You changed so much this month, you are really starting to notice the world around, and you want to be involved in everything! You do not want to miss a second, which has made it hard to put you down, get you to nap, or eat. You are still really great at rolling onto your belly, but you haven't figured out how to roll onto your back, so any time you are put on the ground you instantly roll onto your belly and then start to fuss because you can't get back. Good thing I have lots of baby wearing contraptions to keep you happy.

You have become very grabby. You grab and laugh at your feet. You grab at our food, you even pulled your papas full bowl of cereal over--I think you were mad he wasn't sharing. Your favorite thing to grab is my hair. I am starting to consider some new hairstyles to keep my hair on my head and out of your hands. I think you will have really great fine motor skills just like your papa and sister as you can really manipulate toys and your pacifier in your hands. Speaking of your hands, it is so cute when you nurse you cover your eyes with the back of your hands and sometimes you like to rub your hair through your fingers. Those moments when you are still and nursing with your palms up towards me are so precious. I look down at your hands and wonder what wonderful things you will do with them and the weight of being your mama is so heavy, and I pray and hope I can help you see joy and bring joy into the world with your tiny hands that someday will be bigger than mine.

This month has been hard for both of us. You started the month off by getting over RSV, then it seemed like you were teething. You were so fussy, not sleeping, drooling buckets, and chewing on anything you could get your hands on--even the kitties! This made for one tired and frustrated mama. I hate not knowing how to help you. There were days when nothing would make you happy. There are still no signs of any teeth so I have no idea what was going on. It seems like you are on your way to happier days. You started blowing raspberries with your mouth and it is so cute, your eyes light up when you hear the noises you can make! It makes for a huge drool mess, but it sure is fun for you.

It was really hard to get pictures this month, I had everything ready and set and had started to take your pictures while your sister was napping--or so I thought. Well she came out of her room saying "poo-poo" and since we are currently potty learning I had to leave you on the floor to help her. Well after cleaning her up and getting her back down for her nap you had rolled over and ripped up and eaten your five month sign! I am glad I got a few before that happened. I have a feeling when you are able to move around more I will have my hands full with you.

We kept busy this month. I helped throw two baby showers for your future best buds. You came with me and got passed around to all the ladies there and you sure loved the attention. We also got a weekend home just the two of us. Papa and Eisley went to the Bay Area for a wedding, and since you were still a little sick, we stayed home. It was so wonderful to spend some un-interrupted one on one time with you. I am still getting to know you, and every day your sweet personality shines more and more. I can't wait to see who you grow up to be, but I also want you stay my little buddy.

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