Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dear Sheppard...Four Months

Dear Sheppard,

You are growing so fast, you have lost your sweet new baby smell. Your hair is growing fast, it is light brown and growing very straight, but you do have a little tuft on the top of your head that curls up. You are so alert and aware of all that is around you. You love watching your sister dance, run, jump, and be crazy all over the house. She has been playing peek-a-boo with you and you think it is amazing and hilarious. Most of the time she is very nice and loving towards you, however, she did scratch up your face one time this month. You are going to have to get strong or fast (or both) to keep up with her.

You have really found your voice and you love yelling and screeching. You coo and yell all day long. I think you will be quite the talker. You also laugh and giggle a lot these days. I swear that sweet little noise could create world peace, every ounce of negativity is gone when I hear your sweet little laugh. You love to talk to your little blocks and other toys. It is fun to see you explore them and gain more coordination with your hands, so far you really like to inspect things.

There were a lot of first's for you this month. You touched snow for the first time, went on your first little hike, had your first Christmas, you went to Lake Tahoe for the first time, and you got your first cold. You loved Christmas, the lights blew your mind. Your papa and I got you some new pacifiers and a pacifier clip, however, the new pacifiers had a different shape than the ones you have been using and you made the most disgusted face when we gave them to you. Your Nana and B-pa got you a little train set, your Momo and Gaddy got you a stuffed 3 toed sloth, and your aunts and uncles spoiled you too!

One big thing changed this Christmas--your spot as the youngest in our family was replaced by a new kitty your Papa got for me. We named her Luna and so far she likes you and likes to snuggle up to you when your sleeping and tries to attack your hands and feet when your playing on the ground.

This month was hard on our little family as at  least one of us was sick this entire month. We missed a bunch of get togethers and stayed holed up in the house trying to not spread our germs. Sadly you got your first cold, which ended up being RSV. Luckily we caught it early, but you were still pretty sick and it was scary at some points. We had to give you breathing treatments with a Nebulizer and you really hated those! It took you two weeks, but you kicked that illness like a champ.

Even though you were sick a lot this month you still managed to start to roll. You now can roll from your back to belly and belly to back. You have a harder time rolling from your belly to back, so when you roll yourself onto your belly you just lay there and fuss until someone helps you roll back onto your back. I know in no time you will be rolling across the floor, then crawling, then walking, then running.

The saying that the days are long but the years are short sure is playing out in my life. I can't believe you have been living and growing and changing for four whole months now. You still want to be held most of the day. I am so thankful for my slings and carriers so I can wear you and still keep up with Eisley and the house. I love when I am wearing you and our heart beats sink together, and I can feel your soft feet in my hands, and you slowly melt into me, resting your head on my chest as you are lulled to sleep by my movement. I hope to never forget how it feels to have you so close and loving.

Stats this month: In 3-6 month clothes but they are all too wide, Height 25.75 (75%), Weight 13.15 (25%), head 16cm (10%)

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