Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Sheppard...Three Months.

 Dear Sheppard,

Three months old, when did that happen. 12 weeks is when people say babies start to figure things out more and are a little more comfortable with the world around them. You seem to love the world around you, you want to be sitting up and in on all the action, you hate it when you are in a room by yourself -- you want to be around people seeing and hearing what they are up to. You really have mastered your social smile, and you smile with your whole face! Your eyes light up, your eyebrows raise, your cheeks get big--it is the most heartwarming sight!

 Speaking of hearts, we had a little scare with you this month. At your two month check up your Doctor heard a heart murmur and she referred us to a specialist for an ultrasound. Turns out you have a small hole in your heart. Although your papa and I were pretty scared, we found out that it should just heal itself. We will check it in a year to make sure. Your little hole in your heart did not slow you down this month, you were very busy changing, growing and having new experiences.

 You got to experience some fun new things this month. You "rode" on a horse, spent your first few times away from me, you do not like eating from a bottle, which had made your MoMo and Nana and Papa very stressed when watching you. So far you are very much a mama's boy, you still love snuggling, and want to be held most of the day. You hug my arm and nuzzle your head into the side of my neck, you fit so perfect there.

 You are much more alert and you love to smile and look at people. So far only our friend Tom has scared you, but he does have a scary big beard, and he used to scare your sister too-haha! You have found your hands you suck on them all the time! You have also started to become a drool bucket, you make some pretty awesome spit bubbles. Don't worry, I bought some cute bibdanas to help dry up all the drool.

 You had a busy month going to birthday parties and celebrating Thanksgiving. You love being out and about, and you are getting much better in your carseat, usually falling asleep which is a huge improvement to the constant crying that was hapening. Thanksgiving must have really worn you out, or it was all the turkey I ate because you slept 8 hours that night! Too bad your sister didn't get the memo to sleep 8 hours too. For the most part you're a good sleeper, still love sleeping on your side, and sleeping at night snuggled close to your papa and me. For now it works great for all of us.

 My little man, I couldn't imagine our family without you, you bring so much light, joy, and smiles to our lives!

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