Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Eisley...Six Months

Dear Eisley,

WOW! you're a half of a year old, how did that happen! You have changed so much this past month. You seem much less delicate and more like a sturdy little kid. I can already tell that you are a determined one, you don't give up easily. You are so intense when you play with your toys. You love toys that make music, you have this little piano and you slam away at it. Speaking of music, sister, you LOVE it, you light up when you hear music. Sometimes it seems  like you are singing along--well it is more like screeching along. To bad Emo-Scremo music is so last decade, I think you would have had a calling for it.

The new thing in your life this month is eating some solid foods. Sadly your first real taste of food was a lime...Dad thought it would be funny to watch you make a sour face, and, Oh BOY! it was funny. you would take a lick, close your eyes, make a sour face then grab for another taste. We decided to let you try some real food so your first "real" meal was avocado. You are a pretty good eater! We give you a mix of table food and pureed food, it is amazing to me at how skilled you are at eating, even though you have never done it before. are you old enough to be eating what I eat, Slow DOWN kid!

You seem to get excited about pretty much everything these days, you like the cats, my nose, dads laugh, your toes, when dad whispers "secrets" into your ears, and especially dogs. We can tell your excited by your high pitch squeal, or your big belly laughs. You love to flail your arms up and down like your trying to fly away. You also have this super cute leg that we call the waggler, that is constantly moving, or waggling about.  You also are always moving your little feet in circular motions, its really cute!

You carry all this movement into the night, and it seems as though you are not sleeping as well as you used to . When you wake up and can't fall back asleep you lift up both your legs and power-kick them down at the same time, I am not sure what your are trying to achieve with this, but it is a really loud thing to wake up to in the middle of the night. At times I feel like you're a newborn again, waking up every two hours. This makes for a very tired mama and papa, but we do our best to keep our cool in the middle of the night and give you the loves and milk that you seem to need. This bad sleep might be due to the fact that we are trying to wean you from being swaddled, you just like the feeling of being hugged tight through the night.

Sometimes I blame your lack of sleep on the fact that you might be teething. It seems like all the signs and symptoms are there but we have not seen any teeth pop up yet. You sure do chew on everything you can get your hands on. But your favorite things to chew on is Sophie the giraffe or our fingers.

Well little lady, I love this happy, fun baby that you are most days. I am so thankful for you and all the joy you bring me! I had a great time celebrating my 30th birthday with you, it was the best one yet!

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