Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

Eisley's first Easter was so great. It started off at Church, where Brian and I dedicated her. This was a wonderful and humbling experience. Child dedication is really a family dedication. It's the commitment of parents to seek God throughout their lives and to help their children do the same. We prepared statements of our hopes and dreams for Eisley, what we want to see her become, and what we want God to do in her life. I wish we would have got the dedication on video, because I don't remember exactly what we said. But it was a great experience  the pastor took want we said and incorporated it into a blessing for Eisley. It was so personal, and wonderful for our family.

Later that evening, our wonderful friends Tom and Andrea came over and we made Easter dinner together, and it was so nice outside we ate outside. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Also what is better than polka dots and a chubby baby...not much!