Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Eisley...Seven Months

Dear Eisley,

Woah...that month went by super fast. Again, in 30 days you have become a completely different kid, all these new skills, sounds, likes and dislikes. It is kinda fun learning who you are and who you are becoming every month.

The biggest change this month is that you moved into your own room at night time. I think we were all keeping each other awake all night. The first night you only got up once! and now you sleep like champ in there. Mama and Papa didn't get as much sleep at first because we were watching you on the video monitor all night. You still look so little in your big crib, and I know in no time at all you will fill it all up.

You really started to babble and talk to us. You are pretty proficient at saying "babababa" and your working on your "dadadada." You still have your wookie call, and your screeching  You make all sorts of noises, I think we will have quite the talker on our hands. You also are laughing so much theses days, everything is funny to you. There is not much better than big baby belly laughs! We can get some good laughs when we tickle you, you have two very ticklish spots, your hip bones and your collar bone, It won't be long till you are tickling us back. You also started humming to yourself, you mainly do this when you are really concentrated on playing. It is such a sweet sound.

Dad is convinced that you are going to be a drummer. This makes your Aunt Anna excited, she said she would give you her drum-kit someday.  You love banging on things, and you love taking your toys and banging them on things too. Sometimes you randomly bang to the beat of music and we declare your a musical genius, then we realize that it was a fluke...but who knows!

Long gone are the days when I could leave you in a spot and you would stay there. You are a moving little lady. You haven't master crawling yet, but is just a matter of time. You are really great at scooting along, doing 360's on your belly, and rocking from sitting into a belly flop. You will even stay standing if we put you in that position and let you hold onto something, you are super strong!

We are still breastfeeding  and now that you have almost mastered your pincer grip, you use it on my breasts all the time. It really hurts! I order a teething/feeding necklace for you to play with in hopes that you would pinch that and not me, but so far it has been no help. I will be honest, I don't have much patience for being pinched, I hope this is something that you get over quick!

Overall you are still a super happy have your moments, but the big smiles and laughs far out-way the cries. I love your inquisitive little personality and I can't wait to see what will be new for you next month. 

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