Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Eisley....Eight Months

Dear Eisley,

This month was busy...and you changed so much! I had some major changes too. I graduated from Grad school! You came to my graduation, at first you were excited with all the people, but when they started to clap you hated it, it scared you so much. I could hear you crying as I walked across the stage. All I wanted was to go over to you and give you kisses. And it is fun to give you kisses because now you kiss back, we get these big open mouth wet gummy kisses! Its so cute to see your budding personality, how you show your love and care. You have also started to snuggle a little, you will rest your little head on my chest, just for a min, but oh how I love it.

Some other things I love are all the new noises you're making. You are babbling, saying hi, grunting, yelling, and copying what we say! You are very expressive with your sounds and tell us exactly what you want. You also started to make this funny inhale noise, like when someone laughs really hard and they take a big inhale breath...yeah you do that lots, especially when you find something funny.

During my graduation your Momo and Grandaddy came to visit, and your Aunt Anna even came for a surprise visit. At first you were a little unsure of everyone, but you warmed up quickly and loved having everyone's attention on you. We all took you to the ocean one day. You were mostly un-interested in it all. You didn't like the sand on your feet, and you really didn't like when Gradaddy put your feet in the water. Speaking of water, we went fishing with your Dad one Saturday and he caught a carp while wearing you in the front carrier. You slept through the whole thing! Dad is a little worried that you will not be a water baby based on your dislike for the ocean and your napping all though the river trip. I think there is still a chance because when we took you swimming for the first time this month you LOVED it! You laughed and kicked and splashed all around. If your anything like me you will like the water, I was jumping off a diving board at 2 years old!

We took a couple trips this month too. Dad had to go to Seattle for work so we went with him. You and I spent the time walking around downtown, going to the aquarium, eating yummy food, going to great coffee shops, getting lost around town, and hanging out at parks. We also brought you along on our 6th wedding anniversary trip to beautiful Yakima, Wa (haha). You were a pretty great baby and mostly went with the flow. I hope you're this laid back when you're a toddler!

A new thing this month is you HATE getting dressed or undressed. You used to love the changing table, but now it is your eternal mission to get off that table as fast as you can. I try to find new and interesting things to keep you occupied while we change you, but you have been working on your throwing is amazing how far you can chuck things sometimes.

 You are a busy little girl. I always say you've got jobs to do. You will scoot over to something and pull yourself up to standing. You are always so pleased with yourself when you do this, you look at us like "holy cow are you seeing this!"

 baby girl you are so fun! I love all your new noises, facial expressions, and personality quirks!

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