Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picking her name

Eisley Caprice...This girl most likely won't have other kids in her class with the same name..I hope she is ok with that.

About seven years ago Brian and I were dating, I think we both knew we would get married someday, but it still wasn't a near reality. We started talking about kids and quickly started playing the name game. Most of the names we came up with for both genders were pretty horrible (think Mowgli) , and I am glad we didn't have kids at that time to be cursed with those names. But there was one name we both still loved sever years later when we finally did become pregnant...and that was Eisley. We knew of the name Eisley from a band we have both been fans of for a long time. They chose their band name from a planet in star wars called Mos Eisley. Now when I say we are a fan of the band, I would say I am really close to being a stalker of the band...I am like a teenage fan girl...following all the members (and their parents) on Instagram, knowing way to much about their personal lives, and tracking down every scrap of recorded music that has ever hit the internet.

Her middle name is my mom's first name. We knew we wanted a family name and we loved how Caprice sounded and how it  honored my mother. We kept this part of her name a secret from (almost) everyone and announced it after she was born. When we told my mom about 2 minutes after she was born that her middle name was Caprice she burst into tears. It is one of my favorite memories from her birth. 

Here are some fun defentions/meanings:
Urban Dictionary
A dreamy kind of music sung so beautifully, full of imagery, loaded with fantastic melodies and bursting with love that sounds like no other.
sudden, unpredictable or whimsical change; impulse
Baby name sites
Cheerful, strong
Whimsical, Playful

My hope for Eisley Caprice is that she fulfills her name. That she is a lover of music, whimsical, strong, and cheerful! Ask me again how I feel about the unpredictable impulse part when she is a teenager--hold me.

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