Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Eisley....One Month.

Dear Eisley,

You have been in our lives for one month now. Sometimes it feels like you have been here for longer, honestly I love you so much that I can't image a time I didn't know love for you. Your personality is awesome and quickly changing and growing. You are pretty laid back, you like your sleep, and you love to cuddle. You definitely let us know when you want something, but you are easy to please. You LOVE eating--but you are our daughter so who would expect less. Your dad likes to make me laugh when you are breastfeeding and says you're getting a milk don't seem to mind. Speaking of things you love--you really LOVE your changing table, we make faces, kiss your round belly, sing songs, and pretend to eat your toes. This is where we get big gummy smiles from you that melt our heart.

You are so strong! Everyone that holds you comments about how strong your neck is. You look all around and you love it when dad walks you around the house and talks to you about what you are seeing. You like looking at the lights and all the crazy trinkets in the hutch. Sometimes you decide you don't like the position you're in and LUNGE to one side...always keeping us on our toes.

So far the kitties just steer clear of you-- Kizzle decided you are not to bad to be around so she is ok sitting on the couch next to you. But Brimley doesn't like you. He hates it when you cry, and he doesn't like how you smell. Don't worry, I know you guys will be great friends when your big enough to play with him.

You make us laugh all the time. When you first wake up you start grunting and moaning and you stretch out and make yourself as long as possible. P.S... planking is so last year. It is funny because we have realized that is the exact same way I wake up! You make so many faces, but your go-to face is a grumpy, furrowed brow and people always ask what's wrong-- and we just tell them thats just how you look, haha!

You hate the hiccups, sometimes even yelling at them when they come, and I understand--.they suck.  But don't worry, your body will develop more and it won't be so bad soon. You also really hate the back of your neck being touched, when it is touched you turtle your head to your shoulders. I secretly find this funny so I try to give you big kisses on your neck and watch you turtle up...I know, it's mean, right!

We have been having so much fun getting to know you and your likes and dislikes.  It hasn't all been easy, truthfully I have had some very frustrating moments, especially in the evenings when you seem to cry and I don't know how to help you. But I am reminded every day (and in the middle of the night) when I look at your sweet face and watch your sleepy smiles just how much I love you and how all of this is so worth it.

Happy one month of life!