Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little E's Nest

I love her little room...and by little I mean's about 8x7, baby sized room for a baby!  I had a wonderful time decorating and finding pieces to put in her room that I loved, were meaningful, and helped to create a magical atmosphere. So put some slippers on, sip on something warm and yummy and enjoy the tour.

cute wall art.

"book" shelf!
 This owl was hand painted by her Aunt Anna, it opens up and has a little note for Eisley to store her treasures in there. The yarn balls and wood mushrooms are decorations from one of my baby showers.

Baby shower guest book.

My lovely friend Cassie made this tree guest book for my baby shower, the little heart in the tree says B+A=E. I love having this little reminder of all the people that love and celebrated Eisley before they even knew her.

Painting by Uncle Greg

 My Brother painted this super cute painting for Eisley's room. I was so surprised when he gave it to me. I guess in the process of making this, one of his ink pens exploded in my parents living room, and they had to re-paint to cover up all the ink...I say it was worth it.

little bunny fu-fu

This is wrapping paper that was used at Eisley's cousin Penelope's baby shower.

the poop station!

The changing table is a super cute vintage dresser that I found with my friend Sarah at our favorite antique shop.


 My long time friend Hannah made this amazing alphabet banner, each letter is a work of art in itself.

Drawing by Sherri from the band Eisley

Drawing by Sherri from the band Eisley

 The lead singer from the band Eisley (where our little Eisley got her name) is an amazing artist and sells  some of her drawings. She herself is pregnant with her first little girl and drew this amazing astronaut mom picture, I knew I needed it for little E's room. When I received the drawing in the mail she had sent an additional little drawing which she signed for Eisley from her. I may or may not have squealed  like a 13 year old fan girl while opening this...and then I cried...I blame the hormones.

Some touches here on this shelf is a little dear that Hannah found for us, and I used it in some of my maternity pictures. Also in the background is a little card from my amazing friend Emily it is a quote that says "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." I love this and can't wait to read her tons of bedtime stories.

More from the poop station.

These are cute vintage baskets to store all her cloth diapers and wipes. I think the diapers are so cute so it is fun to see them on display.

ABC's...some more!

 My mom found this really cute animal alphabet print, I love that there is some not so common animals, like a vampire bat!

little German friends.

 The little prints I found at a thrift store long before I was pregnant and I kept them around in hopes of using them in a nursery some day. The little owl was a gift from Hannah again (ok she is a keeper, she gives great gifts!) for a just because time.

cozy little spot.


Love all the details

Lovely colors!

My sister-in-law Annie had a friend paint these amazing letters in Eisley's name...she choose super fun colors and I love all the woodland creature details, so perfect! I seriously hope Eisley's loves this forever!

Alice In Wonderland.

My dad got me this wonderful, vintage, multiple canvas prints from an Alice in Wonderland book about 4 years ago. Another piece of artwork that I have kept around (not only because it's amazing) but in hopes of using it for a baby's room someday.


Her armoire is full with all the lovely hand-me-down and new clothes from friends and family.

Bedtime stories for days!

At one of my baby showers, everyone brought books and wrote in them instead of cards...I can't wait to read all of these to her! Lets be real...I can't wait to read most of them for myself. 

Whew...we made it...that's the tour of her little nest. It is like my little happy place, its so cozy and I love sitting in her room. She is not sleeping in there yet, but I am sure she will love it as much as I do.


  1. this screams you! I love love love it. I love how pretty much everything is special and has meaning.

  2. I can't wait to see this in person! It is oh so fun!