Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dear Sheppard...12 Months

Dear Sheppard,

Happy Birthday! Wow, one whole year. This year went by so fast I can't believe how much you have grown and changed. Looking back over this year it has been filled with wonderful times and hard times. Sometimes I look back at the past year and realize I spent a lot of the time just surviving, I felt over my head with having a newborn and a toddler. I wish I could have been a little more present and enjoyed each stage you were in. That is something I am working on now. You have been in our little family for a year and you bring so much joy and happiness to us. You are a lover, a people person, a jokester, a great sleeper, you also like things a certain way and have started throwing hilarious tantrums.

The biggest change this month is you started full on walking. Once you figured it out there was no stopping you. You barely ever crawl now, and you're climbing on everything. We have hit the stage in our house where we have to move all the chairs away from the table because you will be up there in 3 seconds flat. This new stage of walking is a little sad, it means the baby version of you is gone and the toddler version of you is here now. With this walking you have also started to dance....when a song moves you, you start to bounce and stomp your feet.

You really are a lover, you have even started grabbing my face and giving me kisses, saying "mmmmahh" when you press your lips on my cheeks. In the mornings when your papa wakes you up, you tuck your arms under your body and snuggle in tight to his chest. You love being held, and want to be doing whatever we are doing. Good thing we have lots of carriers to keep you close and happy.

You have even been happy and loving through a pretty bad sickness and cutting some molars. Also, with this sickness you perfected your fake cough. It is so funny to see you give this fake sick look and a fake cough to get some sympathy, and when we say "awww poor Sheppard"  and you snuggle in and are so pleased with yourself.

One fun thing is to watch you interact and play with other kids. There are small moments where you and Eisley will play together, however you really love playing with your cousin Ansel. I think you guys like that your older sisters are playing with each other so you both get a break from them, haha. You are both very sweet with each other and I am sure you will be great buds.

You are not talking much, but you make tons of noises. You are really great at imitating're a little parrot. You are really good at yelling "go" to the cats or dog. If you hear a dog barking when we are out you yell "go" at them. I guess we say that a lot to the animals.

The other major change this month is I started working a little. You now don't get to spend every moment with me. I was a little sad to not be with you all day but I think this is the best decision for all of us. Right now I am working just 15 hours a week and you get to spend time with your wonderful nanny, her husband and her sweet little girl. You are fascinated by another human that is smaller than you. So far this transition has gone really great.

Well my sweet little boy, I am so thankful to have had a whole year to love you, to know you and to care for you. I hope you will be able to look back on these monthly letters and see how much we loved you, how we made mistakes and learned from them, and how you fit so perfectly into our family. I love you Sheppard, with all my heart.

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