Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dear Sheppard...Eleven Months.

Dear Sheppard...

You had so many changes this month. It's so fun to watch you grow, change, and come into your personality. Without our encouraging or prompting you are very much all "boy". You are rough and tumble, growl and bang, love dirt and balls. You really love dirt. You love playing in it, pouring it on things, and even eating it...I figure it is just helping your gut flora.

We took a few trips this month and you still hate your car seat. Every trip you scream and cry and throw every toy/food/pacifier I try to give you. I am going to take you out of your infant seat and put you in a bigger car seat in hopes it will help. We took a trip to Salt Lake City to visit your Tanna and Gruncle. Gruncle and your papa went on a fishing/float trip, and your Tanna took care of all of us and took us to lots of fun things in Utah. You are really still such a happy baby, you love being around people and you will go to anyone! You loved giving your Tanna snuggles and even took a good nap in the sling while she wore you. Our second little trip was to the Graeagle cabin, but this time we went with all your mama's family. You went on hikes, played soccer with your cousin Ben, relaxed in the hammock with your cousin Ella, went on bike rides, and ate tons of yummy food your Momo made.

You have really started to play lately. Your favorite game is peek-a-boo. You will grab blankets or clothes or even the wash cloth in the bath and put them over your head then pull them off and squeal. You love chasing balls, throwing blocks, and climbing everything. You love playing with your sister, and when she is being nice you two are so cute together. You have also started "saying" her name, especially when I yell for Eisley, you like to yell for her too.

You still love eating, but lately you don't want feed yourself, you want me to feed you. It's funny because you want to blow on every bite, even if I have already cooled it off or even if it is not hot food. Your favorites this month are still watermelon, chicken, and buttered toast.

Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face. You love it when your papa walks in and scoops you up. When I get you up from naps you pat my back and snuggle into my shoulder. You are such a sweet boy and I am so lucky to be your mama. Even the hard days, and oh-they are many, are so worth it.

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