Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Sheppard...Eight Months

Dear Sheppard,

You are really growing into a little boy these days. You're making all sorts of new sounds and really love growling, screeching, and making guttural noises. It seems like you are trying to say mama sometimes. When you really want me you start whining and crying mama, you are a big mama's boy, and I love it! You have also figured out how to make a clicking noise with your tongue, and you do it when your really excited. You babble to your toys and your food. Speaking of toys, you love anything with wheels, or moving parts, or anything your sister is playing with.

It is very rare that you will play on your own. You want to be wherever we are, and if we set you down you instantly cry and army crawl towards us. Most of the day I carry you around in one of my baby wearing contraptions, which is ok with me, I love the snuggles. One of the things you have been doing while I wear you is playing with my lips. You think it my lips are hilarious, I don't find it too funny when you fish hook me with your fingers. The one time this month when you were ok being left alone, you army crawled yourself across the whole house, down two steps and out the back door! Time for me to keep a better eye on you these days.

Along with all your army crawling, you started pushing yourself up to sitting, which you are very proud of! You even play a little game where you flop back on your back and then push yourself up. Shortly after you figured out this new trick you started standing up on things. Now you are pulling up to stand on everything! However, you still have a lot of work to do on your balance and you are falling over and hitting your head on everything, you even gave yourself a nice shiner by falling over on the corner of a block. Poor buddy, you're a champ, you only cried for a little bit then you were back to playing.

Everyone keeps saying what a happy boy you are, and for the most part you really are. You love smiling and laughing, and love being around people and will go to anyone willing to smile at you. You are extra excited and happy in the mornings right when you wake up. Most days you wake up babbling to yourself, your papa sneaks into your room and as soon as you see him you laugh, and screech and bounce all around. Then he brings you to me in bed and you get excited all over again. I hope to always remember your sweet little laugh and your twinkly smiling eyes.

You are truly such a sweet boy and I am beyond thankful for you everyday, but to be honest, somedays are hard on me. It is hard to balance my attention and time between you, your sister, running the house, making time for myself, friends, family, and my marriage. I am working on balancing it all, but everyday you bring a smile to my face-- thank you for that, my happy little boy.

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