Thursday, October 30, 2014

Milk and Cookies Party!

We threw a milk and cookies party to celebrate Eisley turning 2 and to introduce baby Sheppard to our friends and family. This was such a fun party to plan. I told myself that I would keep it simple...and I think I did pretty good, however, I kept getting so many ideas! It was a very busy morning setting up for the party, and I didn't get that many pictures. So many details didn't get photographed, and I am a little sad about that. However, it is always so rewarding seeing the ideas in my head come together in the end.

To keep the kids entertained I created four sensory bins. Eisley loves exploring sensory bins at home so I thought it would be a great way to give all the little ones something to do. The bins included, Dirt Dough with farm animals, Water Beads with cows and scoops (a crowd favorite), corn kernels with a little people barn, and Hot Coco Cloud Dough with tractors and more farm animals.

We had some great cookies, Annie (my sis-in-law) and I  made some yummy Oatmeal Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, and the best soft and chewy Chocolate Chip cookies, my Dad made and decorated some cute sugar cookies, and my mother-in-law made some amazing Rhubarb Cookies. We also had an assortment of Costco cookies just in case we ran out of the home made ones. 

We had white and chocolate milk to drink and we put them in cute little milk bottles. I made them from Starbucks frappuccino (poor Brian had got to drink a bunch so I could have the bottles). We also had soda, La Croix (we are obsessed), lemon lime water, and some adult beverages to enjoy.

My mom cooked up some snacks too, and thought of some great labels to fit with the "Farm Fresh" cookies and milk theme. Little sliders on pretzel rolls, labeled "cow". Cheese plate labeled "dairy", Pigs in a blanket, labeled "pig", veggies on a stick to look like a garden, and home made chex mix, labeled "chicken feed." We had a basket of apples and tangerines to enjoy too!

We kept the decor pretty simple, just black and white. I tired to stick with a "Farm Fresh" milk and cookies theme. I used galvanized buckets, little cow figurines, and some cookie jars to decorate the tables with. My dad made a "2" and a "0" out out of cardboard and my mom decoupaged black and white polka dots all over them. My friend found an amazing cow painting and we put hay bales out for some seating. we hung cookie cutters from the pergola it was so whimsical and fun. I also printed off some of my favorite pictures of both Sheppard and Eisley and hung them around. Annie got some black and white balloons and a huge cow balloon that was a hit with all the little ones. 

Eisley was nervous at first with all the people, but after a few hugs from Nana and other grandparents she was ready to play, eat cookies, drink chocolate milk and open presents! She and Shep got so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts, from books, handmade blankets, pillows, aprons, a play kitchen, clothes, and a singing Elsa doll! We are so thankful for our wonderful friends and family and their generosity towards us.

Sheppard was so excited to meet a lot of his extended family for the first time. He wore a cute little shirt painted by his Grucle (Uncle Randall) that said, "hello i'm new here." He did great, and slept most of the party, except when he wanted his own milk and cookies, hold the cookies :)

Thanks again to everyone that helped us celebrate our babies!

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