Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Sheppard...One Month.

Dear Sheppard,

One month has gone by since you quickly came into this world. This month went so incredibly fast, it is hard to believe that you have been here for that long. You fit perfectly into our little family and it is wonderful to have you here. We love you so much.

It has been fun getting to know you, your likes and dislikes. It is crazy to see how different you are from your sister, even from day one. Though you look a lot a like, your personalities are already noticeable different. This took me off guard, because the tricks and things that helped and worked with your sister, do not really work with you. It has been hard trying to figure out what makes you happy. You cry a lot, and the Dr. officially said you are a colicky baby.  Your cry is pretty funny though, you snort like a pig when you cry. I decided to try cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that will help, So far I have seen some improvements in your mood and digestive system, but you owe me kid...I seriously miss cheese. 

You love being held, and you really snuggle in close. I can't really complain because I love holding you close to my chest, listening to your soft quick breaths, and smelling your sweet little head as you sleep. Your MoMo says you smell like buttered popcorn, I think you just smell like new baby, which is a wonderful smell! However, there are sometimes that I really need to put you down to take care of things around the house or your wild sister. You loudly protest whenever this happens. We have tired to give you a pacifier and you are not so in to it, you will take it sometimes, but only on your terms, and if you are in the mood. I don't think we will push it too much.

You are really good at eating! You surpassed your birth weight a few days after you were born. The doctor even asked if you were on formula because it is rare for a breastfed baby to gain that much so quickly after birth. You knew how to eat right out of the gate...I guess you were born into the right family(ha ha). I think all the eating has made you strong, you can hold your head up and you lunge all around when we are holding you. 

So far your sister has been very sweet with you. She calls you "brudder" a lot. She loves to say "bless you Sheppard" when you sneeze and bring you a blanket or shush you when your crying. In the mornings we have all been reading a story from your Story Book Bible, and Eisley wants to make sure you can see the pictures...I think she will always be looking out for you. 

You have already gone out and done a lot of fun things--the balloon races, restaurants, craft stores, parks,candy dance festival and of course Target. You fit so perfectly into our little family, it is like you were always meant to be a part of us. You have given us a few little smiles, they might just be from gas, but I like to think you're just as happy to be with us are we are with you. 

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