Friday, March 1, 2013

One of these things is not like the other.

We had fun about a month ago with this impromptu photo shoot. Dang this girl already has a ton of toys. Some are new, some are handmade, some are hand-me-downs, and some are vintage.

Before having Eisley Brian and I discussed how we wanted to deal with toys, consumerism, and materialism with our future children. We want to encourage her imagination, making toys out of random things around the house or in nature. We also know that toys can encourage healthy development and growth for young children.

So... we have instated the 20 toy rule. She can only have 20 toys at a time, if she wants a new one she has to donate an old one. If Grandparents give her a toy, she has to choose weather she wants the new one or keep the ones she already has. We hope this will encourage her to not value stuff and to value people. Also we hope this will mean holidays won't be so focused on things and more on the memories we are making. I want her to get gifts that are experienced based. Books we can read together. Concerts we can go to together. Swim, music, dance, acting, horseback riding, or whatever else lessons. Adventures we can take. Ways we can use our imagination, explore, and engage.

How all this will practically play out...I have no idea! What do you think? What do you do or hope to do in regards with toys and gifts with your children? What do you think of our plan? How do you encourage caring less about stuff and more about people and moments?


  1. Love your 20 toy idea! Our toys get a bit out of control, so along with toy donations I also do a toy rotation (put some in storage and rotate every couple months). We also try to focus Christmas and birthdays on books or when they get older things like board games, sports equipment, a bike, etc that promote family time. We plan to adopt my sister in law's idea for Christmas of "1 Want, 1 Need and 1 Wear". Thanks for sharing and love the photos!

    1. I love the rotating idea...I know kids get bored with the same stuff, that is a good way to work around that without getting new stuff all the time! I also really love that Christmas idea:)