Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear Eisley...Five Months

Dear Eisley,

You amaze me more and more every month. It is crazy how quickly I forget the hard and trying times and remember the fun and happy moments. I guess I am a glass half full type of person and your big smile and belly laughs makes it easy to be that type of person. This month you have changed so much, your little personality is shining through more and more and I just love getting to know the unique person you are. For instance, you don't really care for cuddling, this makes me a little sad because I am a the cuddling type. Maybe you will like it someday but for now you would rather look out on the world around you, do things on your own, and explore all that can be explored.

You are gaining more and more control of your body too. You started rolling over much more consistently and you are really great at rolling from your back to your belly, but not as good the other way. Also, all your baby Pilates really paid off because you are sitting up! You can't sit yourself up yet, but if we put you in a sitting position you will stay sitting up for a long time. This new perspective is so fun for you. I have heard this is pretty advanced for your age, and everyone always comments on how strong you are. You are a determined little girl and you don't give up very easily, I guess that's why you were two weeks overdue and fought every minute of your birth.

Another area of your body you have mastered some more control over is your hands. You love playing in your ExerSaucer and can now push all the buttons, move all the parts, and play with all the toys. You also have a joy for pulling out my hair and dad's beard. We laugh at each other when you pull out the other persons hair, but of course we don't like it when it happens to us. You do have a gentle side though, sometimes when you are breastfeeding and my hair is hanging down by your face, you will gently swat at it and lighting run your fingers through it. It is a really special time for us to share. You also love "petting" the kitties, it usually starts out as a nice little pet, until you decide you want the kitty in your mouth, then your close your fist around as much fur as you can and pull it towards your mouth. Kizzle and Brimley still don't know what to make of you but they are tolerating your more these days.

I have also learned that you handle sickness like a trooper. You have been pretty sick this month, with colds, coughs, congestion, the poops, and just plain crumminess. I blame all those snot nosed kids you hang out with at daycare. We got very familiar with the humidifier and the nosefrida this month though you HATE the latter and start crying when you see it. I wish I could protect you from all those hurts now and forever.

You have started to get very interested in our plate, cups, and food. You are still just breastfed for now. We plan on introducing you to some solid foods when your are six months old. For now you just practice putting all your toys in your mouth. Another thing you have started to do is grab the cloth from me when I am giving you a bath and shove it right into your mouth. I think you will be a good eater, ready to feed yourself in no time! Speaking of bath time, you still love it, I can't wait to take you swimming in a big body of water to see what you do, I have a feeling you will be a water dog like me.

Overall you are still a chill baby. You love being out and about, and generally do great wherever we go. And we GO! You go to school and internship with me a lot, you have gone to work with dad, we went to your future BFF's baby shower, outdoor adventures, car rides, shopping, church, and more! You are a dream of a baby even when your not, your mine and I love you dearly! 

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