Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How it all started

The story of our soon to be born daughter Eisley started a long time ago. Brian and I met in 2003, started dating in 2004, were married in 2007, and now we are adding a new human to our family! But let’s back up a little bit….If you would have asked us a couple years ago when we were planning on having kids we would have told you, “oh in a few years, we’re in no hurry”. I would tell you that I was too selfish for a kid and that I just wasn’t ready (are we ever?).

These feelings started to change last June on a 10 hour road trip in the middle of nowhere after spending some time with family, friends, and our adorable niece, Penelope. We talked about all sorts of things from what animal we would like to live as, our favorite childhood memories, embarrassing moments, and what we wanted out future to look like. That is when we both shyly admitted to each other that we wanted make our family of two (well four if you count the cats… and we do) to three. This was a scary and exciting conversation, so much unknown, so many what-if’s. But when we really searched our souls, we felt at peace, it was the right time and we knew God would iron out the wrinkles along the way.  

And wrinkles there were! Just a few short months after that long road trip we saw two pink lines on a stick I peed on (that meant we were pregnant!). We were over the moon, we planned Skype dates with all of our family to let them know the good news and we just couldn’t hold it in.  Yet for reasons we will never understand, when Brian was out in the Nevada desert hunting with his dad, I was alone in Portland losing our first baby to a miscarriage. My heart was broken, and again I was filled with so many what if’s and unknowns. But I have amazing friends and family and they all supported and loved us during this hard time.  I don’t know how I would have made it through without their care and kind words.

We decided to keep trying and move forward in hopes that God would bless us again with another baby that we could spend more time with. And one cool January morning, while not trying to get my hopes up, I waited for those two little pink lines again, and Holy Cow there they were! Now I decided to wait ‘til Brian’s birthday to tell him in a special way. This was the longest 3 days ever! I got him a subscription to his favorite fly fishing magazine and I wrote “I know September is your favorite time to fish, but you will have to stick around for the catch of your life!”  Watch the video below to see how it all plays out. Also, excuse the fact that I sound like a chipmunk on helium, that’s just how I roll. 

Brian finds out what is happing fall 2012 from Andrea Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. :( God has a plan for each and every one of us and thankfully He blessed you again with a little bundle of joy! :) Very excited to follow along with your journey!

    Shannon :)

  2. I am so happy you have decided to start a blog! It will feel like you are a little less than 500 miles from me! And that video! ..I don't know if I am prepared to cry at ever post you make (that video is so special and amazing). I love you guys

  3. Thanks for following along!

    Cassie: I hope you can laugh at some posts too:)