Friday, September 9, 2016

Rainbow Art Party for Eilsey's 4th and Sheppard's 2nd!

We had a great party for the kids. Eisley wanted a rainbow art party and I was happy to make it happen! We had rainbow food, bounce house, painting table, coloring table, rainbow pinata, sidewalk chalk, and more ride on toys than kids! Both kids got bikes from us, and Brian got Eisley her first real guitar! we had paint chips hanging from the tree and the kids wonderful nanny made their tye-die paints and the birthday banner! We made enough rice krispy treats to feed a crowd, and had so much fun celebrating with our friends and family!

Eisley's 3rd Birthday

Another better late than never post! We had a very fun Merida/Princess themed birthday! My dad made some super cute bear cupcakes, we played a game of find the wisps, and we tried to watch the movie Brave but had some technical difficulties.  All in all it was a fun time!

Sheppard's 1st birthday.

Better late than never right! We had a fun wild west adventure party last year in my parents back yard! we had camp food, s'mores, a paint your own drum station, tattoos, archery and teepee's to play in.