Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Eisley...Two Months

Dear Eisley,

I've often heard "enjoy every moment because it goes so fast". Honestly, I am trying to soak up as much as you as I can. You have gotten so much bigger, but you are still a little love-- a little love that is outgrowing her 0-3 months clothing! I feel like just last week you were swimming in those clothes. Maybe all this crying you have been doing is because growing hurts.

You have found your voice and you are not afraid to use it. You make some pretty funny sounds and you love to talk after a good milk meal. Also, when something really tickles you, you have this laugh....well its more like a screech, but its cute nonetheless. It is so fun to watch the faces you come up with and the noises you share, I think we will have quite the talker.

You love the car, which is a good thing becuase we spend a good amount of time driving your Dad back and forth from work. One thing you don't like is talk radio, which I can understand, NPR gets pretty one sided sometimes. We have been rotating through Mumford and Sons, First Aid Kit, Eisley (of course), Fleet Foxes, and Taylor Swift (don't judge, haters).

Speaking of your Dad, he is head over heels for you! You guys have great morning cuddles, make faces, and have hilarious play times. You love it when he takes your legs and pretends you're running, which in turn helps you get some good man-size farts out.

You got to meet a lot of new people this month and you had a great time getting held by and playing with them. Your Aunt Anna and your Gruncle came to visit and you sure did like them, and they could not get enough of you. Also Adam and Cassie came to meet you! You were a little scared of crazy Adam's faces, but you loved it when Cassie would sing to you.  You also spent your first time without mom or dad! We were a little nervous but Andrea and Tom were great baby sitters while we went to a Christmas party without you.

Even though its been a little cold here in Portland you have loved spending time outside. You have gone on lots of walks with me to look at the pretty fall colors. And dad took you on your first hike to the top of Multnomah Falls. The problem with all these adventures is you tend to sleep through them. You love the feeling of sunshine on your face and usually just close your eyes and take in all the warmth. I get it, sunshine is just delightful!

You still love your pacifier, we have a little jar that we keep full of clean, ready to use pacifiers because you can be demanding when you want it. Lately though, you seem ok to suck on your hands. You haven't really got the hang of it yet because you tend to gag yourself and then look at us like we did it to you. No little girl, that's your long fingers at work. Sometimes when you're sleeping I hold your hand and imagine all the great things you might do with them, like play piano, feed orphans, bake cookies, sculpt masterpieces and...well, who knows, but it is exciting to dream!

Speaking of your hands, you love to move them all around when you're breastfeeding. My favorite is when you slowly rub them back and forth on my skin, your hands are so soft and I love that feeling. You also like to rub them through your might end up a hair twirler like your Auntie Meg.

Truthfully, this month has been hard, you have cried so much in the evenings that our hearts break and we wish we could make it all better. Eventually you calm down and give us big gummy smiles that melt our hearts. Eisley...we freaking love you, how did we live for so long without you. Keep growing strong, little one!