Saturday, May 24, 2014

we're going going...back

Here are some pictures I took when we took a trip to Reno to visit family last month. Every time I visit, it feels like too quick of a trip, I never get to spend time with everyone I would like to, and the time I do have feels rushed and busy. Lately I have been feeling the pull or desire to be close to family, to help and do life with them...and hey, who am I kidding, get some free babysitting! And when we found out that we were going to be having baby #2, that pull was stronger than ever! Brian started to look for jobs, but it seemed like there was not much out there, which is why we moved to Portland in the first place. However, when Brian found out he passed his Professional Engineering Exam (HEYO!!), a job opportunity quickly opened up for him, and it all seemed more than coincidence. So we are in for a crazy change: in just a few weeks, we are going to pack up and move back to Reno!

This is a bittersweet move, we have been in Portland for 4 years, and are leaving some great things and people here. We moved to Portland with not really knowing anyone, what we would do, or what what would become of our lives. I grew up a ton in the past 4 years, I went to graduate school and got my Masters, and I started to work in area of counseling I previously knew nothing about.  I now have so much care and compassion for the teenage boys I have worked with. I became a mom, watched my baby grow to the cute and challenging toddler she is now, and Brian and I have experienced some of the best and hardest times in our marriage. I've met some wonderful people, had some great food, and have spent a lot of time in the rain.

So this is goodbye to Portland. Thanks for the things you have taught me, the growth I have experienced, and the changes that have happened. I am ready to move, and be taught more, have new and different challenges, and to have a bit more sunshine!

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