Friday, March 21, 2014

Dear Eisley...18 months

Dear Eisley,

Time has gone by faster than ever! It's been 6 month since your birthday. That day where I reflect on the last year I got to spend with you, getting to know your likes and dislikes. I thought I knew you so well, all those late nights and early mornings, providing for you, crying and laughing with you. I had no idea the amount of change that would happen over the past 6 months.

You have really changed into a little girl, so independent, curious, sassy, and loving. You are walking, running, and climbing everywhere. You love holding our hands and walking around, even if it is just in the house. For a while you would follow simple directions, like if I told you to go to the bathroom so we could change you, or it was time for bed so you would go to your room. Now you think it is so funny that if I ask you to go somewhere you run away in the opposite direction laughing loudly. Since we live in a tiny 600sf house, you can't go far before we catch you. Some other things you love doing is when papa throws you on the bed and you guys bounce and jump and wrestle. Speaking of jumping, it is so cute to watch you try. You act like you are counting 1,2,3 but you only say THREEEEE, then bend you knees and pop then straight, you never make it off the ground, but you sure do think you are doing the coolest trick ever.

You have turned into more of a cuddler lately, you give great kisses (and now they are closed mouth so not so slimy). I love how when you are tired or sad about something your little head nuzzles right into the spot between my neck and shoulder, it is like you fit perfect there. Sometimes you will crawl up onto the couch and sit next to me and just rest your little hand on my arm or leg, and slowly pat it while we watch TV or listen to music. I can just imagine how you might comfort others someday, with that same still, loving, calmness. You have also started to show a lot of love to a stuffed animal, we call him Mr. Bear. You have had a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls in a basket in your room since before you were born, and one day you went in, found Mr. Bear and have not stopped loving him since. It is so sweet, because he used to me my bear. Our dog brought him into the yard when I was 4 or 5 from who knows where. My mom washed it and patched up all of it's holes and I loved it a fiercely as you do now.

We took some classes the past couple months and you and I both loved them. First we tried out a swimming class, you love the water and by the end of class could blow some great bubbles in the water. We also went to a 10 week music class. At first you were very shy and wouldn't even play the instruments, but by the end you were running all over, making sounds to the songs, and handing everyone instruments to play. We sing a song before bedtime every night, and lately you have been "singing" with me. Your soft voice is so sweet and when you sing you will slowly close your eyes and lay your head on my chest-- I truly cherish that time with you.

Besides singing you are talking all the time. Most of the time it is in your alien baby language, but there are lots of words and phrases you have been saying. The best is you will hide, not very well I might add, and then jump out and say "there she is!" You also love saying bye-bye, you will look out the window and say bye-bye to every car, bus, person, and bicyclist that passes by. Your other favorite is "no" but I hear that is most kids favorite. You want to be involved in what ever we are doing, I have been letting you "help" me cook and bake, really you just make a mess and laugh a lot. It is fun to let you be independent, if it is very messy!

My little growing girl, most days are so wonderful with you, watching you grow and learn. There are still days when it is hard, when you get frustrated and I can't help you, or you can't tell me what you need. But I know this season will pass, as did many of the hard and wonderful seasons did before. I am trying to soak up all I can of who you are in this moment, your quirks, tantrums, sillies, and soft snuggles.

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