Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Eisley

I fell way behind on this blog as of real excuses, just life! Well better late than never right, so this is a massive photo dump of Eisley's 1st birthday party.

                                                                                 The food table
 I will admit, that my creative/party planning freak flag flew way high for her party, and I went a little (read: A LOT) overboard. However, for the most part I wasn't too stressed, and I seriously had so much fun crafting, decorating, and conspiring with my family. My family worked so hard to make this birthday perfect! My mom cooked all day, my dad made her cake, cupcakes, and the "insta"graham cookies. Brian helped me hang up hundreds of pictures and decorate inside and out. My mother in-law made her famous mint tea. My brother and nephew ran all the last minute errands, and my niece just helped out wherever we asked! It wasn't just my family that helped, I had friends step-up and help make sure all my ideas came to fruition. My lovely friend Cassie made her birthday sign and the food tents, and I put a few other friends that showed up a little early to work with the last minute decorating! All in all it was a big group effort, it was so fun, and it showed me just how much Eisley is so loved and cared for!
3 generations of pretty ladies!
Her birthday theme was "One  In An Instant/Oh Snap She's One", and this seemed fitting because all of our family and some dear friends live far away, and they kept up with her first year through this blog, instagram, facebook, facetime, and texting pictures. My only regret from this whole thing is that I didn't get more pictures of Eisley with family and friends, but otherwise it was a perfect celebration! So grab a sweet treat and enjoy all the pictures from her birthday party!

The party took place in my parents sun room and back yard, so we concentrated the decorations there. We made all the pom-poms and tassel garland, we re-used the paper lanterns from past parties. We also re-used the wood cake stands from my baby shower last year. The hot air balloon utensil holder was re-used from another baby shower we hosted the day before.  I had all the pictures of Eisley from mine and Brian's instragrams printed, I also had a ton from the blog and some that have never been posted anywhere printed. I forgot to take a picture of the sweet chalkboard art I did, but it told everyone to take home their favorite picture or two. It was interesting to see which ones people choose to bring home. 

Time Capsule

I had a little Time Capsule table set up and invited the guests to fill out their predictions on Eisley, our family, and the world in 2030 when Eisley will be 18 years old. It was so fun to read them all, and it will be so great to have Eisley read them when she is 18-i'm sure we will have a good laugh! We will also see if everyone's thoughts on a zombie apocalypse are true or not. 

The food menu included-salad and fruit on a stick which we stuck in pumpkins--how fun. "Say" Mac and Cheese. Lots of mini sandwiches, PB&J  sausage on rye, and turkey and Swiss on pumpernickel. My mom also made some stuffed mushrooms which I heard were great! We had Peggy's mint tea and a strawberry lemon-aid for drinks.

I set up a little kids table with some camera coloring pages, bubbles and some little cameras that had pictures inside. They all seemed to enjoy it.

Eisley got so many thoughtful and amazing gifts, from musical instruments, fun books, hand made hats, even tickets to the aquarium! 

We encouraged people that had an instagram to use the hash-tag #ohsnapeisley so we could see all the pictures from the party, check it out in instagram if you want to see some more pictures. My amazing friend Cassie made this awesome chalkboard sign for me! I keep telling her that she needs to market her graphic design skills, but she is busy now with her new week old baby girl!

Eisley eating her cake was so funny! She got so shy with everyone looking at her and singing to her that she just buried her face in the cake, she would only look up if Brian or I were by her side telling her everything was cute!

Thank you to everyone that came or wanted to come, and for showing your love to my baby girl! This party was so fun to plan, put together, and attend--but all future parties will just be a cake and ice cream sort of deal!

Party Info:
Eisley's Crown: Little Blue Olive
Eisley's Shirt made by mom
Eisley's Skirt made by her Momo (Grandma)
Eisley's Leggings and Shoes from Old Navy
Little cups, straws: Shop Sweet Lulu
Washi tape: whimsical craftss
Food and Sweets: Eisley's Momo and Grandaddy
Mini camera viewers: Amazon
Camera fabric and one candle: Hobby Lobby
Large Chalkboard camera print: Caravan Shoppe
Oh Snap camera print: bought from but you can find it  here
E is for Eisley print: On To Baby-free Printables
Everything else was things we already had, or DIY projects by me, Momo and Grandaddy.

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