Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear Eisley...Eleven Months


Dear Eisley,

Your sweet and spicy personality is coming out more and more. I love the snuggles and kisses I get from you, and just have to laugh inside when you get so angry at your body when it doesn't do what you want. You are so determined, smart, funny, and loving. This month was so fun with you! 

Your new party trick this month is standing up on your own. One day I just looked over at you and you were standing up in the middle of the room not holding on to anything. It was so crazy! you were so pleased with yourself, and had a big goofy grin on your face. Since then you have done this almost daily. I keep thinking you will be walking in no time, but so far your only confident in your walking when you are hold our hands. You are pretty steady, strong, and have great balance, you just haven't decided to walk on your own yet. People keep telling me to count my blessings and enjoy this non-walking stage while I can, but I really can't wait to see you accomplish this milestone. 

Speaking of moving...Girl you've got some dance moves. It is so cute to watch your face light up when you hear music, and then you start swaying your body and bouncing up and down. I love it! You have truly showed an affinity for music, whether playing it with your shakers and toy piano, or listing to it, which is a good thing because we have music on a lot in this house! So far you really like bluegrass, dub-step, and reggae, an eclectic taste like your Mama and Papa. Along with dancing to music, you love to "sing" along too. You are making so many more sounds these days, and you talk constantly. This is a good and bad thing, it is so cute to see you discover the sounds you can make, but I don't like this new scream you have developed, especially because you seem to only do it in the car.

Some sounds are starting to sound more like words. You are really great at saying Uh-oh--you love throwing food, and your cup down just so you can look up at us and say Uh-oh. Papa also taught you how to howl like a wolf. You love playing with him, and now sometimes when you see him you just howl at him, you're a very funny girl. 

This month you seem to be less clingy and nervous around new people. You have started playing on your own--even more so that I re-arranged and simplified all you toys and play areas. It is amazing to hear you talking and playing on your own while I am preparing a meal in the kitchen, it seems like not that long ago I had to be holding you at all times. I do have to make sure I keep the bathroom door closed, because your new favorite game is sneaking in there to eat the toilet paper. We feed you all these nice meals, and you would rather eat cheerios of the floor and any paper you can get your hands on. Overall, though, you are a great eater--and you got two new teeth to help with that. That makes a total of 7 teeth, 4 up top and 3 on the bottom. 

This was another fun month full of fun adventures and great memories. Including making the 10 hour drive to Reno, camping, swimming in Lake Tahoe, starting sleep training (again), eating your first Cannoli, and lots of trips to the park to play on the swing set. I love watching you grow, my funny little girl.


  1. I love the photos. You have inspired me to do a similar photo set up with my 5 month old daughter. Great way to capture this time.