Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Eisley...Nine Months

Dear Eisley,

This month was busy, exciting, hard, and fun! You crossed so many things off your milestone list, you are a completely different little baby. It is crazy how I can be equally excited and sad to see you grow and learn new things. The sadness is loosing the small baby I had, and excited feeling is learning about the big girl I am gaining!

We got to take your third airplane trip. We visited your Aunt Anna and your Gruncle in Salt Lake City, UT. It was during this trip that you started crawling! It was so cool to share this milestone with family watching. and it only took a few days for you to fully get a hang of it. You are now officially a mobile babe! This means you are no longer content to hang out in your pack in play or your jumper, now that you know how to crawl, it's all you want to do! You quickly moved onto cruising, or using the furniture to walk around with. You are now into everything and we had to really baby proof things around the house. You never stop moving these days. Even when we are trying to get you to sleep, you're crawling around in your crib, you love to practice your new skills at bedtime...which can be a little frustrating at times.

Speaking of sleep...I miss it! This month it seems like you just forgot how to sleep. You no longer go down easy for naps and bedtime, you stopped sleeping through the night and your naps are way shorter! Some of this can be blamed on you getting your first two teeth, or your battle with some bad colds and ear infections. We think the other reason is due to some separation anxiety. You are no longer this engaging baby that loves everyone, you notice "strangers" and you snuggle in close to me or dad when you see other people trying to interact with you.So at nighttime, you no longer like sleeping by yourself--which means that most nights you end up in our bed. We will deal with this new habit soon, for now we let you snuggle up and snore away with us.

You have all this new use of your hands! You can sign "all done" and "more". You were able to sign "all done" last month, but I think it finally clicked with you that the hand motion means something. Another fun thing you figured out is how to clap. When you first did it you looked at your hands like "how did they make that noise!" it is so fun to watch you learn and discover what things your body can do. You can also use your hands to wave Hello and Goodbye, but you are still pretty picky about who you wave to.

It seems to me that you are a very passionate. When you are happy you laugh and squeal with delight, you let us know that you're happy! When you are frustrated you grunt, cry, and yell out, you let us know you don't like something. You like what you like! When something you don't want is in your pathway, weather it is a toy on the floor or food on your tray--you throw it as far you can out of your way. However, with food, you have been eating like a champ this month! Three solid meals a day. I've pretty much given up trying to spoon feed you anything because your are too independent for that, you just feed yourself which is messy but I just feed you naked and give you a couple baths a days.

You make lots of other great sounds these days. Whenever you hear people laugh, you start laughing. It's really cute...you look around like, "whats funny guys". you also have this hilarious  fake laugh you do sometimes, along with a fake cough. More importantly than new noises, is the words you are saying. Your first word was Mama, but you also say Papa, Kitty, and Hi. It made my heart so happy to hear you call me Mama, but when you were so sick, you just kept looking at me and saying Mama in this pathetic whiny voice, and that broke my heart because I couldn't make you better

The photo's this month were much harder to capture because of how active and mobile you are. People are saying you look a lot like your Papa these days. I just think you look like my sweet Eisley girl, and I love you.

headband by: RollyPollyBowtique

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