Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Eisley...Four Months

Dear Eisley,

Wow...this past month as been hard. I have been crazy busy with school and Dad has had to not only work a ton, but come home and take over with you so I could go to school, internship, do homework. (which is why this is almost two weeks late) Sometimes it seems as though you never see us together. You also started going to a daycare about 11 hours a week so I can do school stuff. I was so sad to leave you there the first time, after I dropped you off I sat in my car and cried, I wanted to be the one to hold you all day. But when I came back to pick you up, you were having so much fun looking at the other babies and playing with your teachers that it made all my heartache go away.

You have changed leaps and bounds! you no longer look like a little newborn and you now look like a chubby cherub baby. You can do so much more with your body too. You love holding toys in your hands and you recently found out you have feet and you can't get enough of them. Some of the toys you are loving lately is Mr. Fox, Sophie the giraffe, and your crinkly blocks.  It is so fun to watch you discover the world around you.You also discovered you can pull your pacifier out of your mouth and hold it. However, you get very mad because you can't quite figure out how to put it back in. So you just hold your pacifier out in front of you and scream at it...we just can't help but laugh at how frustrated you get.

You also started drooling...I am talking waterfalls of drool. I quickly discovered that I really do not enjoy wet sticky hands all over my face. You love eating your hands, your blankets, the kitties, Dads face, your toys...well pretty much everything! We are not sure if it is teething or just that stage in a babies development where you drool and put everything in your mouth, either way we have been having you wear an amber teething necklace and you love gnawing on the frozen teethers.

Another new thing is laughing! You have given us a few great laughs...You make us really work for them, but when they come it is hilarious! We love trying to figure out what makes you laugh, I am sure we look like crazy people making funny faces and sounds...but hey you do what you do to get the baby laughs! You also started to make this funny Wookie type gargle sound, you do it when your really tickled about something. The other new sounds, that isn't quite as cute, is the Teradactyl screech you make. We have come to the conclusion that this is some evolutionary trait passed down from cave men to call their prey. You seem to be having fun when you do it, but I we wonder if we are going to have our hands full if you are this loud already.

You love standing, you get the biggest grin on your face and you feel so proud of yourself when you lock your knees and stand up straight. When we sit you up you are constantly kicking your legs out so you can stand up.  Much to my sadness you are not really a cuddler, you are much more happy to just sit or stand on a lap. I try to pull you in close but you just push away. You still like your face rubbed when you are trying to fall asleep, or just a hand on your chest.

We also have started to call you some funny nicknames, your dad started calling you Nugs which sometimes turns into Nugger, Nug Sauce, Nuggy--I think all of this came from calling you Nugget but who knows. We have always had strange nicknames for each other and the kitties so I guess it was just meant to be. I also call you Bug-a-boo which equally makes me giddy and disgusts me at the same time. I have never wanted to be a baby talk lady, but it seems as though you just bring it out of me.

Well my love, this month you have shown me that all the hard work in life is worth it. Spending my days (and nights) with you is amazing and life changing! Thanks for letting me love you.

So lady like!


  1. Wow, look at her. She's beautiful and the the sound of it, she's pretty adorable. :)

  2. mi sobrina! que preciosa. can´t wait to conocer you. att El tio Guey!

    1. I can't wait for you to know her too El tio Guey!!

  3. This is such a lovely written record...the love you have for Eisley just pours's wonderful