Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Eisley....Three Months.

Dear Eisley,

Whoa! time flies...I think I will be saying this every month. But truly it seems like it is going at warp speed. You are so fun, I love your little personality...well its not that little. You know what you like and don't like, and you are not afraid of letting us know. You have this new little fake cry, its sort of your warning "if you don't change something pretty soon I am going to really cry" cry. We just laugh when we hear it and try to figure out what you already have us wrapped around your little fingers.

You are freaking strong. You have been since birth but you have all these new tricks you can do now. You still hate tummy time but you started rolling over onto your back, the first time you did it you cried because it scared you to move like that. Also, you love standing up, we grab your little hands and help you up, once standing you give a huge grin and a girly squeal to let us know you are having a good time. You also want to be sitting up all the time now, you love looking around and watching the world around you--I think you just started to notice that there is a world around you!

We have somewhat settled into a schedule of sorts... though I sort of just wing it at times. We started a little bedtime routine where we sing some songs, read a book and pray. Sometimes you make it through and sometimes you're asleep before we can get to any of it. Speaking of sleeping, you are a funny girl! When you start to get fussy or overtired, you like to be looks really bad to unsuspecting onlookers, but I think you just like the feel of our skin close to you. I don't think you will have a problem with claustrophobia in the future.

This month was busy, you got your first shots, went on your first plane ride, celebrated your first Christmas and slept in too many different places to count. You are one laid back baby, you just went with it all....well not without some crying here and there.  During all of this you somehow grew up, you no longer look like a newborn and you have lost that newborn is mind blowing how much you change everyday. I simultaneously love seeing you grow and never want you to change.

You are teaching me so much, how to love, how to give, and how to live more than I ever knew was possible. Thanks little one.

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